Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Each and every morning on Oahu, I waited for the "fog" to lift, and headed off on a walk, camera in hand.  The flowers were so incredible, I made it a game to see how many different colors I could capture.  This post will be light on words, but heavy on beauty - see for yourself...
The main drag alongWaikiki Beach is lined with high end shopping ("Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada", to quote Kreayshawn, one of my daughter's favs) ~ to an International Market Place, featuring the more "touristy" shops ~ to the store where I traded in the beautiful, fashionable sandals that were rubbing holes in my feet, for a pair "SLIPPAHS" (flip-flops in mainland terms) that I never took off the entire rest of the trip (except for my walking shoes).  Admiring my cute, extremely cushioned feet, at that point, I also started noticing local lingo, carved into the stones lining the sidewalks (it's amazing how much more you see when you're comfortable - I fairly shouted "Mahalo" at the sales person, I was so happy!)
Hibiscus aplenty...sprinkled with Frangipani, Gardenia, Bougainvillea, and things unknown, all set against an incredible blue backdrop.
 A clever way to infuse some island charm into your vocabulary...
The local birds were quite the charmers - this little guy (an African Common Waxbill), and his buddies, were hanging at a beautiful little fountain reserved just for them.
Waxbills, Brazilian Red Cap Cardinals, and CHICKENS!  I'm not sure on the exact "how comes" as to why huge numbers of chickens run wild (mostly on our way to the North Shore), but we saw them everywhere, outside the city.  This one strolled out of the woods as we were stopped for a photo op.
The Bird of Paradise were beautiful, but seemed to be at the end of their growing season, if there is such a thing in paradise.
Finished...ended...PAU - just for today.  Plenty more to come - beautiful faces and fabulous places, all on Oahu.  ALOHA!  May your travels be safe and happy ones!


Hindustanka said...

Aww...once again such relaxing views...flowers..the sun..birds.. I want to go on vacations this or next month for sure.
Your travel was splendid, thanks for sharing the beauty of Oahu with us.
Have a nice day,dear!

Everyday Things said...

I'm learning those words for when I go to Hawaii! then I can say some to the locals! Pau!

Colleen Mcgraw said...

It is a beautiful Island ...that is for sure.
Glad you got to go and document all that beauty:)
My kids and grandsons over there wouldn't live anywhere else.

Jackie said...

Nice, I hope to see it one day!
Great pics!

Dorthe said...

A very special beauty, --all those flowers in their amazing colours and shapes, the birds with red spots...the beaUtiful language- you must have had such a wonderful time there, dear Tnaya.

Createology said...

Beautiful photos and how true that you see so much more on a walk with comfortable shoes than careening past in a vehicle. I feel relaxed just now. Mahalo...

Maywyn said...

Thank you for the beautiful photos!
The flowers are gorgeous. And what a delightful way to learn the language of Hawaii

Jillayne said...

Beautiful pictures Tanya! Amazing how happy feet make you look around more, but I get it - been there and done it!
I love the idea of the local vocabulary carved into the stones, a fabulous way of helping keep it alive.
Thanks for the little taste of paradise!

Quinn said...


And I agree with you completely about comfort and vision. I would extend it to comfort and mood. And comfort and sociability. Comfort is good!

Thank you for the gorgeous colors on a snowy grey day.

Elisabeth said...

Beautiful photos Tanya and I loved the words too :) Elisabeth x

May Loh said...

The photos are ever so pretty! Especially the hibiscus...which always reminds me of Malaysia as its the national flower there :)
Also really glad you enjoyed my long list of Qipao movies!
May x

knitalatte said...

Great pics and heart felt words for the beauty of aloha.
I'm always dreaming of my return to hawaii....magic awaits at every turn. Thanks for sharing.

Ronna said...

Been to Hawaii twice.....never get tired of it!

vicki said...

Omgoodness-- I had no idea you went to Hawaii- what a wonderful trip you made! Your photos are just gorgeous- such vibrant colors! I love the photos of the translations-- pretty cute!

I might be just a tad jealous--