Wednesday, March 6, 2013


"Each day comes bearing it's own gifts.  Untie the ribbons"
~ Ruth Ann Schabacker ~
You know those special friends you make throughout the ribbons of your life?  The ones that tie into so many aspects of what and who you are - that stay tied to you, no matter what?  I have amassed a few along the way, I'm proud to say.  True friends - dear friends - ones that are just "there" for you - that you know will always be "there" for you...whether mourning the passing of beloved pets, or rejoicing over happy times and a friendship that has endured.  Ones that will lift the phone just to say, "Hey", before you do!  Ones you can just be YOU with, and they love you for it anyway.  My friend, Carole, is one of those friends.
All of my friends have talent - not a one of them doesn't...whether it's creative talent, or just the talent of throwing me a smile and a hug, and making a day better.  Yesterday I was invited to spend the morning with one of my longest running friends, who has both talents.  CAROLE SIDLOW (those of you who drop by here occasionally may have heard me mention her before, in the guise of "The Ribbon Lady").  Some of you know her personally, already - the rest of you SHOULD!  And for those of you in the Reno/Tahoe and Sacramento areas, Carole has an upcoming show at the GRASS VALLEY OLD WEST ANTIQUES SHOW, May 10th and 11th (did I mention her husband is an antiques dealer?!).  Here's your chance...
Probably one of the most colorfully creative and dearest souls I know, Carole owns The Ribbon Store, online and locally, here in Vegas.  A MEGA mecca for ribbons and laces, vintage and new...if she doesn't have it, she can get it for you, but chances are it's already there - she has quite the eye!  I went yesterday, looking for some ribbons for a gift I'm working on, and found MORE than the perfect item...I always do.  Her imagination and talent are boundless, and her heart is huge - what a happy place to hang out for a few hours.
Not only does she deal in ribbons and vintage textiles, she USES them, the most wonderful ways.  All items here came from Carole's hands (the riot of colors and "stuff" on her workbench yesterday was devilishly fun) - from the mouthwatering little velvet petit fours on the cupcake stand, to the larger, more outrageously delicious pincushions tucked into the shop, between the gorgeous ribbons.
Carole sells in her eBay store (no bidding, except on the antiques and handmades - supplies are all "Buy It Now"), as well as direct, if you drop her an email (info can be found on her "kick-ass" business card in the first photo). She also has a "Ribbon of the Month Club" that she can give you details on - you won't believe the packaging!  No attention to detail is ever missed with Carole - EVER!  And, she ships just about anywhere in the world.
An all original antique beauty among Carole's own, equally mouthwatering creations.  Find yourself in need of pleated ribbon (similar to the vintage silk this pincushion doll is wearing)?  She can custom do that for you, too - yep, she's like the Supergirl of ribbons!
I always come away with a brighter outlook on life, and a HUGE creative itch, when I walk out of her shop - I think ribbons must fix everything.  Drop her a line, if you're in the need - you won't be sorry.  If you're in the GRASS VALLEY, CA area over Mother's Day, a trip to see her will DEFINITELY be worth your while.  I understand she will also be among the vendors at Art Unravelled on August 3rd, in Phoenix.  Tell her a friend sent you...


Colleen Mcgraw said...

I used to shop in her store a long long time ago, she always had the most beautiful, unusal ribbons :)

Gabriela said...

Wow...what a great store!LOVE THE PINCUSHIONS!!!i WILL CHECK HER OUT!

Createology said...

Oh Tanya Dear I am hyperventilating and swooning all at the same time! Every word you wrote is true. Delicious ribbons and confections. I AM GOING to be there at the Old West show. I will have to meet your dear friend and I thank you for sharing her. I better start saving NOW! This is just such great news that she is coming to town...with her ribbons. Oh Dear...Oh Dear...Oh Dear...

Hindustanka said...

Your friend is indeed so creative! loving her creations in all those colorful ribbons! I always appreciate when people have courage to move their hobby a little further than just making something for themselves and their relatives. all the best to your friend!will check out her hops ;)

Mosaic Magpie said...

Thank you for the link to all those beautiful ribbons!!!!!

Elisabeth said...

Wow, Tanya you have the most amazing friends!

111 LaLa Lane said...

Carol sure does have a lovely shop. And, I would say she had a great friend in you as well!

Dagmar said...

Wow, those are some wonderful photos!
Thanks so much for coming by and saying hi to me!

Shannon Chastaine said...

Gorgeous! A ribbon store would be divine! I'll check her out online since I can't make it to any of those shows. Lucky you to get to browse around . . . :)

Jackie said...

I still have not gone to her shop! I think Tanya thinks I will buy up all the good stuff, so she won't take me over there! I have no idea what to do with ribbon but I love to look at it!! Beautiful things Carole!

Maywyn said...

Wonderful post
The colors are fantastic. The Ribbon Store reminds me of a bakery its so beautifully filled with color.

Dorthe said...

Oh MY! dear Tanya, this is the most wonderful and gorgeous post about ribbons- how fantastic is your friend Carole in creating and finding wonders , I have never seen anything like it! Those cakes and cupcakes are amazing, and the ribbon colours so gorgeous.
Do you know what a lucky girl you are dearest ,to be close in heart and near in yards to such a wonderful friend and her shop, yes I know you know Tanya ! You are the finest and most lovable dear woman, and I`m so blessed to know you.

My Garden Diaries said...

Her creations are out of this world!!! The colors and the whimsy are outstanding! How cool to have a ribbon store...we totally don't have anything like that around here! How lucky you are to have those true friends! It makes all the craziness disappear when you can talk to a real pal!!! She is a rockstar and I will be checking out her stuff....thanks so much for sharing...I love the idea of having a collection of beautiful ribbons. It is so hard to find but now I know where to go! Thank you so much for cool!!! Have a wonderful weekend Tanya!

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh wow! I thought those were real cupcakes. She is quite talented and sounds like she and her husband are a match made in heaven. What a happy, happy place that ribbon store looks to be. And she gets to be there every day. What a joy! Blessings, Tammy

May Loh said...

Almost can't believe they are all made from ribbons....ever so pretty and creative! I am lucky enough to know what you mean with friends who are true too. Have a fabulous weekend Tanya!
May x

Anonymous said...

What a fantastic store and I cannot imagine they are all made from ribbon, how creative!
Happy Friday!

Jillayne said...

Oh how luscious! i do love ribbon... and these are such a beautiful, bright feast for eyes starved for colour. No wonder you came away smiling and re-charged - this is a wonderful tonic for the soul Tanya!!

Louise Peers said...

Hi Tanya ,
I am in the UK and have known Carole for quite a few years .She is a lovely lady and always does her best to help me with what I need for my bears . I hope to visit her store some day !

DearHelenHartman said...

DELICIOUS looking. Honestly, I think I was drooling a little at all the pretty pretties.

Bead and Needle said...



Thanks for this great article about my dear friend, mentor and talent - Carole. My home overflows with "bits of Carole" -pieces of her handmade prettiies from years past, vintage ribbon and more! My husband and I cherish our frienship with Carole and Peter, visit them when we are in town, and carry them in our hearts in every room in our house!

Carole is so deserving of this wonderful post in your blog.

Marsha Stone

Bead and Needle said...


Hello Everyone!

Please note that since I had a problem listing my comment/reply to Tanya in respect to Carole Sidlow, "The Ribbon Lady",
I decided to send it to you through email.

If you ever need help in finding and selecting a special ribbon, you need to look no further
than "The Ribbon Lady".


Carole Sidlow
March 2013

Wonderful article written for Carole Sidlow. The past 30 years I have been a professional seamstress who makes Victorian and Pioneer garments. I
also am a milliner who makes one-of-a-kind hats and bonnets. Recently I was blessed with a new customer known throughout the State of Texas as the "Yellow Rose of Texas". She has presented me with a number of beautiful goods to make for her. I never knew how difficult it is to find goods such as ribbon, fabric, flowers, etc. that are just "yellow". All I can say is that God directed me to Carole in finding just the right color of yellow ribbon for making two special hats for this lady "The Ribbon Lady" on EBay.

I hope that Carole Sidlow and I will not only always do business
together but be good friends throughout the ribbon of our lives. Her beautiful ribbons do help me to be the successful person in making my beautiful hats and garments for the public.
Yes! Carole is the "Supergirl of Ribbon". Yes! Carole's ribbons are absolutely beautiful.

Please note that I highly appreciate Carole sending me (all) the samples of yellow ribbon that she has in her store.
Tanya, you wrote an "award winning article" for Carole Sidlow.
Carole, I can't begin to thank you enough for all your beautiful
ribbons and for all your kind help.

Thank you.
Eva Lynn Pearl, Owner/Designer
Stitches in Time

Bead and Needle said...


Bonjour Carole,

Thank you for sharing your friend's blog with me and many others. It has allowed me to see some of your beautiful work and the tasteful way you are displaying it. My only regret is that Las Vegas is so far from Paris and Cannes, otherwise, after reading the blog, I would have dropped everything I was doing and rushed to your place where I'm sure I could spend hours and then leave feeling happy and inspired.

I noticed that you got some feedback from Candace Kling. Candace literally changed my life. I took many of her ribbonwork classes when I was living in San Francisco in the '80s and '90s and haven't stopped putting in practice what I learned from her ever since, with a personal twist. Then, back in France, I discovered you. You have always been so nice, available and generous Carole.

Well, it's time for Easy's dinner. She's just staring at me and sighing! I swear she must have a clock in her stomach!

Until next time Carole.


Colleen said...

Love what she does!!!