Sunday, October 31, 2010


I do miss the days of my little ones being excited to carve pumpkins the night before, just like I did as a kid with my folks, but we still try to have our fun with it.  Last night was a "pumpkin carving contest" between my daughter and me...obviously, she didn't take it as serious as I did this year - poor tiny pumpkins...and no alcohol was involved, though it certainly couldn't have hurt - might have even helped!

From our home to yours, Happy safe, however you spend it!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Fall is in the air, here in Vegas - it was only 52 degrees when I got up this morning.  I know that doesn't seem cold to most of you (especially family back home in CO, where it snowed yesterday), but that is about a 60 degree drop from our normal summertime temps...not all at once, but it's cold to us!

So, after throwing on a flannel shirt and feeling rather "wintry" this morning, I found myself in the kitchen, staining up a batch of snow people for a snowman exchange among some close friends.  I couldn't resist sending this photo to a few here in town, from my cell phone, and figured I'd go ahead and use it as a "teaser" on the blog tonight (Pat, at AhlCoopedUp,  posted a photo of her own yesterday morning).  I started my teaching "career" at the local quilt shops with primitive dolls...and yes, I really CAN sew and paint better than this...they are SUPPOSED to look like this (because anyone can do PRETTY - the fabulous finished results will be posted in November, before Thanksgiving...the goofy smiles will have to suffice for now).  These are the epitome of primitive - truly faces only a mother could love, but they made me smile myself, this afternoon.
And, while I'm feeling the "wintry love", I need to get my little Iceman in here.  My friend, Jackie (OneCreativeCat), went on an Alaskan cruise in August, and brought me back a wonderful little trinket.  "Bead around it", she said.  So, bead around it, I did!  Before it was all over, I also added a winter hat to his head, made from a piece of an old fur thimble from AK - looks much better on his head than it ever did on my finger.  He's delightful - can't wait to throw him on a sweater when it really turns cold here.

It's been awhile, but I am joining the ladies at White Wednesday (FadedCharm) - many thanks to Kathleen for hosting the fun.  Make sure you drop by and check out some of the beautiful blogs!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Suzan, at Old Grey Mare, is doing a once-a-month, bit on recycling ideas and I wanted to play along last week, but had nothing.  While this doesn't exactly fit the grand ideas she is trying to instill, and should certainly NEVER be tried at home, I did want to share the extended life and, sadly, the demise of one of my favorite appliances.  My 4-year old hairdryer finally bit the dust.  It actually was on its way out 4 years ago, but I have just been prolonging the inevitable.  And, it didn't technically "die", in that it was still working very well, but the fact that I finally got shocked several times over while holding it in my hand this morning, told me it was time to put it out of it's misery.
This started as a joke around here - I have been accused of filtering through hairdryers and irons like they are going out of style - not true, but "someone" in my house thinks it to be so.  My iron is now going on 2 (TWO)!  This hairdryer was only about 6 months old when it started having "issues".  Not that I can't afford to go purchase a new hairdryer, it was simply a matter of principle at that point, and it was "pointed" at my husband.  Besides, this really WAS a great hairdryer - it still, up until I dropped it in the trash this morning, put out one hell of a jet of heated air.
The automatic sensor button on the back, that keeps it running as long as your hand was on it, was the first thing to go - what ever happened to just good old off/on switches?  I put up with it turning itself off, and moving the switch back in place, for at least a year.  The plastic around the controls had broken off over time, also.
The entire body part started wobbling next - and then it just totally dislodged from the handle - and it was still working!  It was time for drastic, life saving measures.  I took it to the garage and was told, while eyes were a rollin', to "just go buy a new one, would you?!"  "No", I insisted, "this still works just fine, thank you!"  Hubby pulled out a stash of electrical tape and let me go to town.  I chose from one of several colors, taped it back in place, and even added a piece to the switch, so that it would think my hand was on it all the time when it was running, and not shut off.
That was over a year ago.  Then it started spitting fire - in the form of sparks - like a dragon!  Luckily my hair never caught fire, but logic held that I was drying wet hair, so I felt safe enough.  Mysteriously, about 9 months ago, a sticker appeared on the barrel, from one of my husband's job sites.  Yeah, he's a real cut up, he is!  It still did not deter me in my quest to see just how much life was left in this thing, and to make him recant his words regarding my "reckless appliance ways".
This morning, as I started to dry my hair, I felt a small jolt/buzz in my palm.  Thinking it was odd, but not thinking much more, I continued, only to have it do it to me three more which time I convinced myself to unplug it, fast!  If I had actually dried my hand off all the way, after running it through my wet hair, it probably wouldn't have happened, so technically, it's probably my fault as I didn't heed the "Safety First" sticker.  It was just time to throw in the towel and make a new purchase.  Four years on a $15.00 investment - not a bad return, I would say! 

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Is another man's treasure...
While my Mom was here in Vegas recently, my Dad amused himself by hitting an estate sale...he was very sweet (actually, he is ALL the time) to think of me while sorting through things for himself, and purchased a box lot of miniature trinkets that he thought I could put to use in my jewelry fun.  Check it out...each pair of these tiny little scissors actually opens and closes!  I forgot the thimble filled with flowers...obviously, like me, someone liked to sew.  There's a teeny, tiny abacus and Oriental lantern; little, silver, jointed fish among sea shells; and a carved rock heart "doodad". 
This is old, also...and very sweet - a beautiful little pewter tray (the tray is covered by a piece of glass) and tea set from Germany.  The tea pot lid actually comes off, and the cups are just setting on the saucers.
If anyone knows what these originally were, please let me know.  They are tiny (TINY) blown glass bulbs that have what look like frogs dangling from then.  I have figured out that they float (well, all except for the unfortunate broken one - that one sinks) and the frogs dangle and bob around beneath.  Would love to know what they were made for - I can't believe how small that glass blower got the details on the frogs.
And, what would the month of October be without a black cat with CRAZY eyes?!  This may have been what drove my Dad to make the purchase, with me in mind - I don't know.  But I do know I love him for it, and the charms and dishes will be put to good use!  Thanks, Dad - they ARE treasures.  Even the scary cat! 

Sunday, October 10, 2010


My friend Jackie (OneCreativeCat) and I love nothing better than to facilitate a good trade.  We're too much alike, actually - one can't give something to the other, without turning around to find a "payback" in her hands.  This bracelet ROCKS, literally, and found it's way to my wrist this past exchange for something really silly that I fixed for her.  I feel that I definitely came out on the better end of this deal - I love this bracelet.  Guitar picks from a recent concert evening at the House of Blues, with my music loving friend, dangle and jingle softly (I REALLY love dangly and jingly jewelry) from a gunmetal charm bracelet...Ernie Ball (who's name appears on the opposite sides of the picks) was instrumental in the development of steel guitar strings, etc.
Besides trading with me, Jackie sells her wares, at  Drop by and see her wonderfully creative mind and hands at work.  Peace out!

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Saturday, October 9, 2010


Well, enough time has probably (sufficiently) passed that I can speak about my birthday without feeling like I'm tooting my own horn.  Oh, I hate birthdays...not everyone else's - just mine!  I don't exactly hate them, but get embarrassed by the "hoopla" that I don't think I deserve, I guess...just the passing of another day in my life (another day not spent with a rock star)...another day I am so very happy to be here.  Birthdays are better than the alternative, and I do have LOTS of people in my life to be thankful for - people who evidently love me, and I love them, right back.  My family and friends are the BEST presents I could ever hope for, and ALL that I ever need, so thank you for being you, right off the bat!

That being said, I got a mixture of verbal wishes, written sentiments, and some felt the need to lavish me with gifts (I would say that I really didn't need anything, but The Boss made me "pinky-swear" a while back to accept that which is sent my way, graciously, so here goes).  These are the "Thank You Photos" I should have had on here two weeks ago...this post is about you, and not me (somehow that makes me feel better)!  I tried to post these side by side, but you could only enlarge one or the other, so now they are on top of each other, adding to the incredible length of this post...I do apologize, but felt everyone deserved equal time!

My oldest friend (and by that I don't mean "OLDEST", but the person I have known absolutely the longest since moving here in '94 - within days!), Melanie fed my addictive beading habit with a generous gift certificate, and tickled me with the card; Myler made the cool, slinky copper chainmaille earrings and bracelet; Pattycakes made me her signature earrings and a beautiful, clean, beaded bracelet to match (there is a joke in here about the bracelet, but I really can't post it, so we shall just move on).
Tiny little witch's hat fom June (yeah, there's a very obvious joke there, too); a WICKED, handmade Silver Art Clay bracelet ("Wicked Chica") - bronze bat bracelet with faux ivory carved beads that she whipped together - a second bat to do with as I please, and a stunning bronze medallion, meant for beading around - all from Jackie, or "Happy Chica";  Myler has a bracelet that says "Sassy Chica" - I guess I really AM part of a girl gang, now.

I got the most scrumptious smelling candle and room/paper/hair spray (not really for hair, but if I can catch somebody walking by, WATCH OUT!) from my "sister" in CO, Joleen...they are both Gingerbread Spice and smell heavenly;  the treasured, carved Bakelite bracelet atop the candle is from my parents; the two gorgeous turquoise and silver necklaces/earrings came from one of the "Girls Night Out" gang (I guess I belong to more girl gangs than I realized) - Erinhead, and her darling daughters, Nikkihead and Daniellehead, or "D" as we know her around the neighborhood.
From my dear friend (and daughter's phenomenal high school art teacher), Susan Silva, the happy little guy from Peru who seems to have wasted away to just bones, inside his matchbox home (yes, Dias de Los Muertos follows Halloween); b-e-a-uuuuuuuuutiful metal delica beads from my Jaci...such great color sense, that one, and she feeds my addictions, also - she baked me a pretty wonderful birthday cake, too.
A sequined "rock and roll shirt" for the next concert night out, from my parents, as well as a huge book of the artworks from the Leanin' Tree Museum that we visited in Boulder, CO, this summer; more beading gifts in the way of pliers, from my Louie, who also paid for a class I recently took; and a clothes shopping spree that I have yet to cash in, from my husband.  Below that is my new, kick-ass, Lucky Brand purse from Jackie D. - it ROCKS!
A soft, beautiful and blingy, Fleur-de-Lis bracelet from The Boss (Colleen, not Springsteen)...check out the buckle on that leather strap - there are tiny Fleur de Lis' on it, as well; and a beautiful framed sentiment about friends, from June.  And last, but not least - my parents felt so bad that I was down in the dumps about missing my chances with ANY rock star, now that another year has gone from my youth, that they sent me one from their back yard.  Yeah, you two are very funny!

The morning before my birthday, Jackie D., Pattycakes, The Boss, and Erinhead treated me to Gospel Brunch at Mandalay Bay's House of Blues - "Hallelujah!"  What fun THAT was...or were they trying to tell me something?!  Old fashioned, Creole Southern cookin' (fried chicken; jambalaya; grits; sausage; red beans and rice; shrimp; and decadent bread pudding, among other delicacies) served up alongside hand clappin', foot stompin', feel good music performed by a very talented local Gospel choir.  Thank you, girls - I had a ball!

To my loved ones, family and friends alike, THANK YOU, A MILLION TIMES OVER - you DID spoil me rotten and I love you ALL!  You shouldn't have, but I'm glad you did...maybe this birthday thing isn't so bad, after all.  If I've forgotten any photos, I apologize now, and will make sure they make it in on a special post, all their own.   For ALL the well wishes these past weeks, that I have no pictures of but carry in my heart, thank you, too!  You guys mean the world to me...yes, YOU ROCK!

Friday, October 8, 2010


Happy October...already!
What started as a very pretty pattern, struck my "quirky" side as spooky webbing and, with a few "tweaks" to the original design (like trading the beautiful brown carnelian agate I had originally chosen for a hematite donut, and scrapping those "icky", sweet pink beads and flowers for black and spiders), it has turned into a pretty appropriate adornment for the month of October.
Antique buttons, front and back center of the donut...blood red Swarovski crystals and spiders with sparkling crystals embedded in their backs - this one, indeed, is screaming "ME"!  I DO love Halloween.
Ahhhh...can you see the mistake?  "Look, look with your special eyes!"  I just saw it (damn large computer screen), and I am AGHAST (thankfully it is on the back)!  That will NEVER do, though I think it is actually a matter of a bead that has broken off.  Simple fix...and I WILL fix it before it is worn - it's just the way I am!  Happy Friday to find a black bead! 

Friday, October 1, 2010


Yes, I've been gone for awhile, playing "catch-up"...mostly spinning my wheels, actually.  The absence, this time, was an "in town" event, but what fun was had!  Each year, my Dad and brother spend a week "bonding" and doing manly/outdoor survival things (OK, hunting) in CO, and my Mom gets to come to Vegas to play.  This year was a whirlwind of playing/shopping and shows with two of the most favorite people in my life...
Starting the evening before Mom arrived, my daughter and I were lucky enough to get tickets to see CHER, before she leaves Vegas next month (I know! - TWICE in my lifetime - twice in ONE summer).
Jaci didn't get to see her the first time around, so she was thrilled that she got the chance before she's gone - FABULOUS show...more like a Broadway production instead of a one person show, really...there's a reason that she only needs ONE name, and you and I need two!
First night Mom hit town, we painted it BLUE MAN GROUP, at the Venetian Hotel/Casino - ALWAYS a mesmerizing show!  The next night I "drug" her back with me to see Robin Zander...CHEAP TRICK/SGT. PEPPER LIVE at Paris Hotel/Casino, before they left The Strip, also.  I don't need to tell you how much I enjoyed Robin Zander that show, as I'd seen it twice before, and could have probably sat through it another three!  Sadly, it has closed, but not in my heart, where Robin Zander lives.
Third night was a "down night", where we just sat around and thought of Robin Zander.  Fourth night found us at an Elvis show - what's Vegas without channeling The King?!  Elvis acts are plentiful in Sin City...Pete Wilcox/THE KING LIVES at Hooters Hotel/Casino (yes, I took my Mom to a Hooters!  It's a newer casino, utilizing a refurbished hotel/casino directly across the street from The MGM) sang his heart out in tribute to Elvis.
The next night we had to stay home so that we could regroup our Robin Zander thoughts, but Tues. found us downtown at the Golden Nugget for GORDIE BROWNGREAT show!  Comedy - Music - Impressions - Live (it came from the front of the ticket).  I would recommend this show to ANYONE coming through town - OK, I'll say it...better than the late Danny Gans!  And he's darling - I probably didn't have as many Robin Zander thoughts that know, it's the whole "Rock Star" idea, and sadly, I am probably past my prime now, anyway!  Heavy sigh!
Wed. night (are you still with me...we were starting to get a wee bit tired by this point) we were back at The Golden Nugget, where we were treated not only to COUNTRY SUPERSTARS TRIBUTE, but we got the chance to catch two performances on the overhead MEGA screen on Fremont Street - definitely worth a trip downtown for those that haven't been for years.  It's a whole different side of Vegas and so much "cleaner" than it used to be!
Thursday night we caught up with the Wednesday Night Girls Night Out gang (at least Colleen and Jackie), for GREG LONDON'S ICONS show at the Riviera Hotel and Casino...another impersonation act - another wonderful show.  We had drinks with him afterwards (well, he was IN the lounge with us, but did actually drop by the table and thank us for coming).  Six shows for my Mom and me by this point, and not a bad one in the bunch...
We saved the best for last.  On her last night in town, we splurged and bought tickets to see Cirque du Soleil's Beatles tribute, LOVE, at The Mirage.  I don't think there has ever been a bad Cirque show, and this one featuring the always incredible Cirque performers, coupled with fabulous costuming and sets AND the music of The Beatles was no exception!  BREATHTAKING - GO, if you get the chance...Section 201, Row P, Seats 15 and 16 - best seats in the house!
Sadly, the trip DID have to come to an end (there are only so many TV dinners my Dad could eat).  We put a very tired (did I mention the daily shopping trips, too?) Barb on a plane to Denver the next evening.  I had the BEST time with her this year (as I really do every year), and yes, we DID gamble (though not very well, I might add), even though I neglected to mention that above.  Seven shows in nine nights might just be a record, definitely was for us!  Counting the days until next hunting season, Mom...thanks for sending her, Dad!
And, I leave you with Vegas showgirls...after placing Mom at the airport, my Jaci and I took in one final show for the week, ourselves (my husband and son were out of town on a motorcycle trip at this point, so we had lots of "girl time" to fill) to JUBILEE! at Bally's Hotel/Casino, presented themselves to us for a Saturday night show.  Truly one of the few remaining (if not the ONLY one anymore) showgirl extravaganzas left in Vegas...this is quite the show to see (and we got a birdseye view, as we were moved up front to one of the extra special VIP tables before the show started) if you've never had the chance.  BEAUTIFUL costumes and sets make for a memorable "old Vegas" evening - you've never seen so many feathers, rhinestones and crystals in one place!

It has taken a few weeks to catch back up on real life (final tally was 9 shows in 11 nights for me), but I think I might be back in the swing of regular, every day things again, sadly.  I even made a few pieces last week, but that's for another post.  Happy Friday, if you've made it this far through the reading - have a wonderful weekend.