Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Those of us who are land-locked desert dwellers love seeing things like this, just to whet our whistle, so to speak.  We are already in the triple digits and this, somehow, makes it seem ever so much cooler in our sandy, incredibly hot, part of the world.  Aside from complaining about the temperatures, this is just PLAIN COOL!
The Bellagio Conservatory and Botanical Gardens has done it again, and this time it's something we've not seen from them before.  My daughter and I got there as this was being installed for the Memorial Day weekend - it is complete now, and in place until September, I believe.  Don't know much about it yet - it hasn't been written up in the local newspapers, and I had to shoot this from the outside looking in, literally, as it was all roped off that day.  The upper right bed of seaweed with the schools of fish is evidently a moving mobile, as they were working on the mechanics of making them "swim" that day.  GIANT bubbles and droplets hang from the rafters.
The biggest, and most colorful, seahorses you've ever seen, suspiciously watching lunch goers.
THESE are SO beautiful - I don't even have a guess as to how large these jellyfish are - HUGE, if I have to be technical.  The bottoms are some sort of shimmering, swaying gossamer fabric, undulating in little waves thanks to large blowing fans inside (and that was a grammatical mouthful, there!).
The sea turtle is most wonderful - filled with cut flowers, and accented with real seashells along the sections of his shell.  Hydrangeas to die for - eye-popping colors everywhere, to make you go, "Oooooooh!!!"
Tropical fish and anemones, encircle a large reef.  They were working on a mermaid and treasure chest the day we were there, but we could get nowhere close enough for photos.  You'll just have to visit it and see for yourself, if you're in town...or wait for me to go back, which is most definitely on the summer agenda.
And the show continues out through the lobby - don't ever just stop at the Conservatory!  These large floral displays, under the amazing Chihuly glass ceiling in the Lobby of the hotel, are spectacular - and notice the netting holding Starfish, Abalone, and Conch Shells. Attention to detail is remarkable in these displays - ALWAYS!
Visitors in the lower left give a tiny bit of perspective.  Believe me - HUGE!  I hope your Summer is off to the best of starts - I sure can't believe the year is half over, already.  Have a safe and happy June, my friends (and family)!  If you're in Vegas, get out of the casinos and see what else the town has to offer (this is all free, if that helps to persuade you to leave the machines!)  See you right here, in July.

Monday, June 1, 2015


If you're gonna' run with scissors, you're bound to cut a really nice wool blanket once in awhile! Mom always warned me against running with them, but at the very least to keep the cutting end pointed down - or at a blanket! It's happened to me TWICE now.
The good news is, it wasn't a total loss - in fact, it wasn't a loss at all! Four shoulder bags and one clutch purse from one seriously HEAVY wool blanket purchased in Santa Fe over the winter - two bags finished this weekend.    
The blanket was a little larger this time - a Pendleton Beaver State (64 X 80"; 82% pure virgin wool; 18% cotton ) San Miguel pattern blanket, to be exact - patterned after Native American blanket designs.
This blanket was incredible on BOTH sides (as are all of the Pendletons) and provided for two totally different looks/"feel" of bag, though the same pattern was utilized for both.  The lighter of the two (it may look cream, but it's a very pale grey) was finished with the same rusty brown lining as the previous red Pendletons, and has dark brown leather thongs.  The 1.5" button on the front is an OLD one. Antique, and made from a horn (don't ask me from what animal), with a detailed brass inlay.
The second bag was finished with red lining to match the red wool cut from the same blanket, with grey crosses that echoed the rest of the design.  Finished with a 2" geometric bakelite button, silver-tone grommets, and black leather thongs.  For those that sew, the pattern used (with my own modifications) is the Lucille Bag by Abbey Lane Quilts.

Both of these are going to their new home in Colorado.  Both will be very loved, I'm sure of it.  Hope your week is off to a wonderful start - watch running with scissors.  You never know what you might cut!