Friday, January 28, 2011


Dear Suzan Stoddard, of Old Grey Mare, very recently bestowed the following honor upon me...
...(ohahahahaha - let me gain my composure) along with the challenge to reveal 7 things about myself.  I thanked her graciously, and told her that it would be a few days, but that I would play along...look - I even have pictures!
1.  I am terrified of monkeys (all because of the stupid big, black, woolly spider monkey that hung in the trees above a neighborhood house as we walked to school when I was little…I just told my folks about it last year, which prompted them to give me a monkey Christmas ornament because they are SO funny!).  I also have a particular loathing of penguins (especially the giant ones, but the little ones are just as creepy), ever since that Batman movie – Come on! They have RED eyes, for heavens sake!

2.  A good horror movie (‘The Changeling’ with George C. Scott is a particular favorite) makes me swoon. I know - and I am afraid of monkeys and penguins?!!  My new obsession is the AMC series, ‘The Walking Dead’.  I don’t do the vampire stuff, but did watch something called ‘Daybreakers’ the other night – wicked AWESOME (everyone on Earth was a vampire), AND, I can sit through some of the absolute worst ‘B’ movies ever made – yes, it’s a gift!  Look up ‘Night of The Lepus’, if you don’t believe me - giant, mutated, man-eating, blood-thirsty rabbits.

3.  Not too fond of flying (and am afraid of heights) – would MUCH rather drive.

4.  I drive a standard shift car – have always driven a standard shift vehicle – if we ever have to get away from zombies and the only vehicle we can find is a standard shift, I will be getting us out of there!

5.  Taught line dancing in St. Louis in the early 90s. Wish I knew how to tap dance…just so I could tell people I can. Moving on…quickly...

6.  Never “dated” (big wink) a rock star, and am very sad about that because, at this point in my life, it is highly doubtful that I will ever get the chance now, either – Robin Zander happens to be the screen saver on my phone, from last year’s Cheap Trick concerts here in town.

7.  Bobby Flay hurts my heart, and that is SO far out of the realm of a rock star, isn’t it?! And, HE’S highly doubtful, as far as my future goes, also, but "I love that man of mine" (and, when you can quote the movie "Beetlejuice", you apparently love that, too)!  There you in a nutshell, and I was expecting to only come up with three!

Now, and according to the rules passed my way, this post links to 10 gals who do this for fun, and who some of you may not yet know (listed in no particular order, or level of importance...and I know there are many I've left off.  You are not loved any less - these are just the gals that keep up with blogging on a fairly regular basis).  Some are local friends and concert buddies; some are internet friends (one of whom I've met, and has become like a sister); a couple are brand new blog finds for me, and will probably not see this post, but I'm sending you to them, in any event.  I'm not forcing anyone to play - just sharin' the love and payin' it forward, if you will.  The rules are simple:  Receive the award; say thank you; grab the button up above; reveal 7 things about yourself; pass it on to 10 favorite, and stylish, bloggers!

Jackie at One Creative Cat
Rebecca, at Hopewell Creek Design
Colleen, at Bead Metaler
Rhonda, at It's a Kattywhompus Life

Don't forget to check out my necklace giveaway - link on my sidebar, on the top right, so you can't miss it.  All rules will be explained there, and believe me, there really are none.  Happy weekend - I'm hoping for a good, spooky movie on the tube....or a "Throwdown" with Bobby (heavy sigh), if nothing else ~ Tanya

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


To commemorate not only my 102nd blog post (when I didn't think I'd last much past 10), AND February 19, 1913, which was the first time a prize was inserted into a box of Crackerjacks...welcome to the RHINESTONE COWGIRL CRACKERJACK GIVEAWAY (so named, just because)!

Prize up for grabs is Belle, a "Rhinestone Cowgirl" necklace (the rest of the line can be found at Bead and Needle).  Hand crafted from a vintage, faceted chandelier crystal (1-1/2" in length); a beautiful vintage cowgirl image and the name Belle show through from behind.  Backed with red Ultrasuede, and rimmed with tiny rhinestone chain.  On the front is a small, gold, vintage horseshoe button (open end up, so the luck stays in), with a four leaf clover and rhinestone in the center.  Hand formed wire links, mingled with vibrant red and pale aqua Czech fire polish glass beads; a large vintage rhinestone button (and a tiny newer one); and one more round chandelier crystal for good measure; mingled in with brass tone chain.
Drop on chain (lobster claw clasp at back) is approx. 12-1/2", for a total length, including Belle, of 14".  Fabulous for special occasions or those everyday jeans - channel your inner cowgirl.

Entry is easy...either drop me a line under COMMENTS, or add yourself under FOLLOWERS.  Winner will be randomly selected on FEBRUARY 19TH, as I'm eating Crackerjacks.  Hope your week is wonderful - Tanya


Preface:  This post was originally done last week for White Wednesday at Faded Charm, and it just so happened that a call was put out for favorite aprons to join the fun at Sweet Magnolias Farm for their Apronology Blog Party - most of my original post is intact, with maybe a few descriptives and a little bit of editing added, here and there.

One of my favorite 'whites' in the house turned out to be one of the harder to photograph, and get it all in.  I was lucky enough to be gifted with this beautiful circa 1920's home sewn, embroidered/appliqued apron from a dear little lady at a local tea house, during a spring art show a few years back.  Setting up a display/sale area of vintage aprons, she had pulled it from a box to be sold, and was wearing it when I arrived to set up our wares in their courtyard that morning...and had to endure me drooling over it, all morning.  She finally talked me into a swap - actually, she simply she took it off and tied it around my waist - I quickly offered up the trade.  The much loved and coveted apron in exchange for a custom purse. 
Two beautiful flappers face each other - meticulously embroidered, and cleverly appliqued pockets.  The tops of their hats were left open to house hands, hankies, recipe cards, and whatever else might have found it's way inside.  My own grandma kept hard candies in hers - as well as in the infamous candy drawer she kept for the grand kids.
Delicate white lace was sewn around all edges, with a dainty pink heart with blue detailing, embroidered across the bottom edge.
I marvel at the size of the woman that made and wore this...the waist on it is so tiny (the tie ends in back are not at all that long), and the lines are so slender.
 The 'girls' behind the scenes in the photos are Edwardian parlor pillows...all three are dated between 1900 - 1910.
True beauties, all!  Make sure to stop by the Apronology Blog Party at Sweet Magnolias Farm, for more apron fun today - Happy February!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


...sights around Vegas from this past weekend (giving me a chance to play with a new toy for squeezing lots of photos into a smaller space - Mosaic Maker.  You can still click to enlarge the grouping - the weirdly cropped pictures look to have happened during the process - the massive Chinese figure in the third row had people included in the shot to give perspective...sadly, that is no longer the case.  But, this is a "learning" post, with this new gadget - in any event, it will give you a taste of some of the wonderful sights we saw that day).

Surrounded by Jackie's on Saturday (my friend, Jackie; and my daughter, Jaci/Jaclyn) - it was a fabulous day.  Most of us who live in Las Vegas are fairly far removed from the hustle, bustle, and lights of The Strip, though you can find a slot machine in every single grocery store and gas station.  Every once in awhile, just for fun, you have to take a day to mingle with the tourists, and see what new sights there are to see.

Starting at the new Cosmopolitan, where the Vegas term "Eye in the Sky" (for those not from here, there are live cameras in the ceilings, above every gaming table) has taken on new meaning (Jackie also got a vibrant picture of that pink chandelier I posted a while back, and two large ceramic dogs that have been reduced to slivers of their former selves by the mosaic), we sipped on Mimosas in the fabulous Chandelier Bar, before wending our way down The Strip to the dollar margarita place (you read it right - small in size but, thanks to a very over-indulging bartender, with enough tequila to fill a $5 glass - we might as well have skipped the "slushy part" at that point.  And although my daughter might appear to be a two-fisted drinker, she was holding mine for the photo op), and on through the crowds to Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville for lunch - always an entertaining meal.

After lunch, it was over to Caesars Palace (photo session with my son, Louie, who works as a club promoter), and then to The Bellagio, where we 'oohed/aahed' over the beautiful floral displays for Chinese New Year - Year of the Rabbit.  Had a wonderful time, and walked Jackie's legs to death...literally.  She was limping pretty badly by the time we got back - there's a reason we only do this once in awhile...and why we need those $1 margaritas while we walk.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Happy, creative new year!  Today, in between a little of this and that (cleaning and ironing - yeah, very little of that), I pulled out a jingly, jangly bracelet I had made with lots and lots of different size silver-plate rings (lots of rings, but boring as all get out), right before Christmas.  Having an "aha moment", I decided to add the tiny little vintage scissors charms that my Dad had found for me last year - inspired by a special bracelet received from my friend, Jackie...a hand-hammered sterling piece with the words, "My soul is fed by needle and thread".  A quote she said she had seen and squirreled away in her brain for me, for an entire year.  Jackie can be found at Peace Love and Art Shop.
Hanging from the side of this treasure is a tiny little charm in the shape of a pair of antique bird scissors (a pair that I own, in actual size), which prompted me to finally realize what I wanted to do with the group my Dad sent.  I hung them and then, like the true needle and thread gal that I am, returned to my antique button stash for a handful of old mother of pearl and glass buttons to fill the rest of the space - I do love jingly bracelets!
Some of the scissors are almost microscopic in size - OK, maybe not microscopic, but penny size.  All but the pair with the black handles open and close, and before hanging them, I had to test to see if they actually cut paper.  They all cut - except for the pair with the black handles...those STAB!  I am sure there may be accidents wearing it, but it's a risk I'm willing to take for the sake of fashion...and jingles.
The pair in the center here is the deadliest - very sharp and pointed - they may be used for both cutting AND stabbing...or "shanking"!
I am hoping to balance more sewing time in with the jewelry this year - blog giveaway coming on the 100th post...busy working away on it, and some new pieces for the shop as well.  In the meantime, I am joining White Wednesday at Faded Charm - there are always some beautiful, creamy posts to ooh and aah over - make sure you check it out.  Thanks to Dad and Jackie, for fueling my sewing love and providing me a little protection, in the dark alleys, on the way to the fabric store!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

HAPPY NEW YEAR - 2011...

To you and yours, may the coming year hold wonderful things in store for you - health, happiness and much love.  Our New Year celebration was very low key this year - far too cold (for Vegas, anyway - 29 degrees) to brave the elements to catch the fireworks that we could watch on TV - which we did.

I am fast approaching 100 posts, and planning a blog giveaway (keep an eye out - working on something nifty for it) to commemorate the fact that I even kept up with this blog project this past year...though the picture of the New Year Vegas Strip this morning (I've been down with a hurt back this past week) was purely at the prompting of my friend Jackie, who informed me that Santa (or "that man", as she referred to him) was giving her the creeps with his "evil eye", I believe she called it.  Gives whole new meaning to the old song lyrics, now..."He sees you when you're sleeping.  He knows when you're awake!"