Sunday, June 22, 2014


Day Two of my ever-infamous Three-Day-Migraine couldn't keep me from this last night.  SO glad I "bucked up" and made it - actually wouldn't have missed it unless I had been hospitalized.
66 years young - voice still as strong as "back in the day".  Opening act put one of the founding members of the original Allman Brothers Band back on the same stage - drummer "Jaimoe" Johanson, and his own incredible Jazz band.
The old Allman Brothers tunes TOTALLY made the evening what it was last night, for me at least (I did have "Low Country Blues" in the CD player on the way there - takin' the new with the old) - fresh spins on a few, but "Stormy Monday" (my ALL-time Allman Bros. favorite, and one I had figured I would never see performed by him live, again) and "One Way Out", kinda' kicked the headache in the ass, for a few hours at least.  New travel photos this week, but in the meantime, someone was on top of their video "game" last night, and I thank him for that...gotta' love a rebel in a crowd!

Monday, June 2, 2014


I live in the so-called Entertainment Capital of the can see it all (and usually do - not just on the stage, either) in Las Vegas.  I am lucky enough to have a best friend that I can call at the drop of a hat (neither her husband nor mine are anything more than home-bodies, really).  She's someone that "gets" good music - whatever, whoever (the banjo/classical group I drug her to was "interesting").  Someone who would never utter untoward things about my Robert Plant.  Someone who gets REAL music!  She's my concert buddy; she's my friend; she's Jackie (ONECREATIVECAT).
Together, we have discovered some of the coolest venues in town.  Jackie is tall enough to get into most of them, thankfully!  THE Beach at Mandalay Bay (they have a THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay, also - those are seriously THE names) is a draw for us no matter who is there, but we've NEVER been to anything bad there.  From Chris Isaak, to THE Go-Go's, to Peter Frampton, to the FABULOUSLY fun 80's concert we hit at the end of summer last year (just to name a few).  It's a place to unwind, sit on THE sandy beach (WHAT?  In Vegas?) of THE gigantic wave pool, soak our feet and listen to tunes (probably some drinking involved).  Even at summer's hottest, the water and evening breezes take care of cooling the crowd.  A few weeks ago it was Phillip Phillips (I have to admit, I misheard her on the phone that day, and questioned why we were going to Wilson Phillips?!).  Awesome evening under the stars - pleasantly surprised that it was a solo male singer, instead of three girls from the 80's...the kid can sing!
For those that can't be away from the gambling for a few hours, they've got a small casino off of THE casino, that opens to THE Beach...yes, they've thought of everything - Vegas would NEVER miss a chance to let someone lose their money!  It's a fabulous venue - for those that live in town and haven't tried won't be sorry.  Travelling through and have the chance - you'll wish you lived here.  And then you could go to THE next hot/cool spot...
THIS is where I, EXCITEDLY, got to go this past week - without my concert buddy (she was on a cruise - even so, I felt like I was "concert cheating" on her!), but happily with my daughter in tow - a rare occasion when she had a night off from work.  BROOKLYN BOWL sets within the happenin' new spot in town - The, dining, the world's largest ferris wheel (for the time being), and this concert venue! Concert hall, bowling lanes, bars, restaurant, and the largest disco ball you've ever seen, all rolled into THE (they need to take a cue from Mandalay Bay) coolest spot in town!  The atmosphere is unbelievable!
TEDESCHI TRUCKS was on the bill that night - seen them before, and will see them every time they come through town if I get the chance.  The husband/wife team of Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi, with their kick-ass band - for those of you in the line of their upcoming tour stops (I've made it easy for you to check - TEDESCHITRUCKSBANDEVENTDATES), GO - you can thank me later!  Sorry you missed a good one, Jackie - thanks for going with me, Jaci (yes, I have a couple of Jackie/Jaci's - pronounced the same way - in my life, as well as two Lou's, and two Arvids...good things seem to come in twos!)