Sunday, May 29, 2011


...1. A handbag;  2. A group; a bunch;  3. A brood of CHICKS, man;  4. To grasp and hold tightly – as in friends and family.

I’ll be heading back to Denver in a few weeks, to spend time not only with family, but also with a few old and new friends. In wanting to take a little something special with me, I have spent a busy week making sure these were "just so”.
I was able to meet up with an eBay acquaintance last summer…one that had previously only been an internet/phone friend. We fell into the easiest friendship ever, and it was so wonderful to be able to actually hug her in person, last summer. Joleen is like a sister to me, really.
This summer, not only is Joleen driving in from the eastern plains to meet up with me, once again, but another eBay friend and her sister – Chris and Angie – are driving in all the way from Missouri, to join in on the fun. We will be spending a few days at a beautiful resort/casino in the mountains (Central City), and I get to show the “flatlanders” a bit of the mountain scenery of back home.
No “boys” (this is a serious "Girl’s Trip") – no kidsjust us (and probably some margarita drinking, induced BY the husbands and kids). Three of the bags are theirs, taking into account their favorite colors. Lots of custom quilting, handmade flowers, and vintage buttons – these were so much fun, knowing whom the chicks are that will be on the receiving end.
Another of the six I made is on its way to my friend Vida, in Reno, who is dearly missed in Vegas. She has a birthday this month – she will be 27, just like the rest of us. Happy Birthday, Vida Girl!
The fifth is for my sweet sister-in-law, Karla, who has a penchant for “kitschy” cowgirls. She recently sent me a killer pair of antique ladies gloves that will, undoubtedly, show up in an upcoming post.
The sixth bag I made for ME – a rarity. A special piece of bark cloth purchased on vacation with my folks last year, in Santa Fe, NM, that waited a full year for the perfect project – the tiny, vintage seashell owl pin/s came from my sister-in-law last summer, also. This is a pretty sedate bag for me…ask my clutch of friends!
I know these gals have had, and most likely would have, my back in a clutch situation…as I, for them. Here’s hoping you’re as lucky in your friendships!   Classes start this week at Sew Obsessed, with lots of kickin', new ideas for the coming months - looking forward to getting back into teaching at this friendly and beautiful quilt shop!  Happy Memorial Day...

Saturday, May 28, 2011


An official Girl's Night Out has eluded us for quite some time, due to life getting in the way, recently...last night it was back, with a vengeance!  THE GO-GO'S, on the beach at Mandalay Bay was a fabulous way to kick off the summer - a beautiful Friday evening, under the stars, among friends, and with music from my youth (my lips are sealed).  THE GIRLS STILL KICK ASS!

Killer venue for a concert - a beach setting, inland!  We are about as far-removed from the ocean as you can get, here in the dry, hot NV desert.  The pool at Mandalay Bay has their own beautiful sandy beach, where we threw down blankets and stretched out, under the stars...Jackie's daughter-in-law, Rebecca, took the place of one of our own, and we were so glad she joined our fun.

"People watching" was at optimum levels (Thank you, Marketing Geniuses, for giving us the stupid phrase, "What Happens In Vegas, Stays In Vegas"...boy, has that freed some people's inhibitions), and the pool provided softly crashing waves throughout the evening, with just the right amount of soft breeze blowing.  Jackie and I will be going back in July, to see Chris Isaak, though I think we will be sitting right at water's edge that evening, due to soaring Vegas temperatures.
Crank the volume and enjoy...wish you could have been there.  Happy Memorial Weekend - ROCK IT, but be safe!

Friday, May 20, 2011


Yesterday, in my rush to get nothing done, I neglected to remember I have a blog...a blog on which I should have posted that it was my wonderful, beloved Dad's birthday - HIS day...ALL day - what kind of daughter am I?!!!  Oh, the humanity!

Arvid Carl Anderson, a Swede, through and through (actually Swedish and Irish) - from toddler; through the car phase (before he met Barb, and she had other devious plans for him); through children (he actually took the studio quality photo of my brother and me...he truly can do anything); through grandkids (the last two photos are of him and my daughter hamming it up for the camera, in the basement and on the back porch of their home, a few years back).  He's been the best dad and grandpa EVER - handsome, too; he loves his wife; loves his Indians; loves his yard and garden, that rivals any park in town; loves to learn; loves to laugh (the wickedest, quickest wit in the west); loves life in general...and we all love him back, probably more than he could ever fathom!
He seems to love animals, too - probably why he kept posing with these bronze ones last year, on vacation...either that or too many margaritas (yeah, he loves those, too)!  AND he's incredibly talented (I do credit my folks for my creativity and love of all the arts) I said, there isn't anything he can't do, at least in his little girl's eyes.  HE CARVED THESE BIRDS!  They sit on my mantle, and are SO beautiful - my Red-Tailed hawk, and my Meadow Lark baby.  HE CARVED THESE BIRDS - everything on them, including the feet...and the Meadow Lark's tongue!
I love them; I LOVE HIM!  I'm kicking myself this morning that this didn't get posted yesterday, but I did call him several times (and then his gift didn't show up in the mail, either).  HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DAD - "I love you more!"  Tony

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


It seems most of my time last week was preoccupied with sewing sample after sample for classes, for up and and coming fabriholics!
Mommy and Me Apron class, scheduled for June 4th - this apron is adorable, and fully reversible, with a pocket on each side, and grommets at the neck and waist.
Weeks One and Two of Sewing Camp for Kids will find them making fun, fabric cuff bracelets with buttons, snaps, and basic hand stitches learned.  Week Two - a strip quilted pillow for their room.
Week Three is all about the purse!  A girl can never have too many purses/tote bags, and you're never too young to start!  Sewing Camp will go through 6 weeks of fun, creative classes - if you're local, and you've got a novice seamstress, Sew Obsessed has a few ways to keep them busy this summer (at least for about three hours, once a week).

And speaking about it being all about the purse, this bag travelled to Denver, to live with my Mom, this past Mother's Day.  It will also be a class this July, but this one is all hers!
Big, roomy, lots of pockets - this one would make a great diaper bag, as well.  As it is, she will probably carry home her winnings from the casino in Central City tomorrow.
Lots of sweet details on this, including grommets; big, gathered pockets; drawstrings; and loads of custom quilting.  This was the fabric inspiration for the bag I posted last week.  My Mom has always loved plaids...this was certainly a new take on the old watch plaid favorites!  Papa Mama's got a brand new bag - HEY!

Hope your week is shaping up to include some creative "me" time - I found some of my own yesterday, and took a fabulous beaded bracelet class - the hardest I've ever taken.  Hope to finish that up tonight while rooting on Hines Ward!  Pictures to follow...not of Hines Ward, but of the bracelet...

Sunday, May 8, 2011


"We never know the love of the parent until we become parents ourselves." -Henry Ward Beecher
Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ~Elizabeth Stone

A little slow on the uptake today, as far as a blog post about my beautiful Mom, but I did manage a 7:00 a.m. phone call to CO.  Sounds like she and my Dad had a pretty wonderful day planned, in the mountains.  I dug out some old family photos and thought I'd post them on her special day...starting with her great-grandmother, grandmother, and mother; my Mom as a little girl, with her Dad, Mom and sister, Violet; Mom at various ages, and on through her first child - a beautiful, golden haired girl child who everyone in the family adored, cherished and lavished extravagant gifts upon...OK, me...and I lied about the gifts.  That's me with my own grandparents, bottom left.
"No matter how old a mother is, she watches her middle-aged children for signs of improvement." -Florida Scott-Maxwell.  (I am certain this quote pertains to my brother, and not me.)
And my own stab at motherhood - my best life work, to date (not that I intend to have ANY more kids) I guess that would make these lovelies my best life work, period....Louie and Jaclyn.

Sing out loud in the car even, or especially, if it embarrasses your children. ~Marilyn Penland

Youth fades; love droops; the leaves of friendship fall; A mother's secret hope outlives them all. ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, MOM (and to all who pass this way)!  Hope you won today...I've always been a winner in the Mom department!  Charlie is SO right...WINNING!  Love you LOTS!

Monday, May 2, 2011


My Star Jasmine is in bloom, and in-credible this year.  Providing a beautiful, fragrant, though "busy" backdrop for a new project, made in conjunction with a friend...I couldn't resist.  Carole Sidlow, owner of The Ribbon Store (link will take you to the eBay store, but she has an actual storefront in Las Vegas), handed over a vintage, heavily beaded top, with the instructions to "make an evening bag".  She had been working on a few of her own and, as it is ALL handwork due to the beads, pearls and sequins, she happily passed a few off when I offered my services recently.  Quite the creative visionary, is addition to running a FABULOUS store stocked with some of the most incredible ribbons, millinery, lace and occasional fabric pieces, you have ever seen - vintage and new, alike.  It's my favorite place to spend a couple of hours, oohing and aahing, even after all the time I've known her.

And, she has my favorite business card of all's big (postcard size) and it's vintage beautiful - surrounded here by ribbonwork creations from Carole's own hands (actually, the pansy is mine).
Her actual store screams color and eye candy at every turn.  Click on the collage to enlarge...some of the shots are a little washed out, due to lighting, but it's a feast for the eyes, upon entering this ribbon wonderland!  What girl could resist beautiful, soft ribbons?

For those local to Vegas, call Carole before you go (phone number listed on the business card above).  Her shop is housed in a wonderful 6-car (converted) garage, located on her charming property...wisteria on the Vegas!  The Ribbon Store can be found on eBay (link above); by email; or by phone.  Believe me, if she doesn't have it, you really don't need it (but rest assured, she can always get her hands on just about anything).  The beautiful ribboned and feathered pincushions are Carole's newest creations.  An incredible talent; one of the nicest ladies I know; and a true friend.


"The wheels of justice may sometimes turn slowly, but turn they do—with the help of the United States armed forces and intelligence personnel. Justice has been done."...William Kristol/Weekly Standard