Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Lots to show - lots to tell - and the summer isn't over yet.  I have travel posts and more, now that I'm back, but wanted to start with the one dearest to my heart at the moment.
It's the reason my last post has been on for years months, and I apologize, but it was a nice post to leave in place.
This post starts a brand new chapter in our lives.  My son, Louie, and his sweet bride, Abbi, were married two weeks ago, at the University Club in Denver.
In deference to the real photographer, I snapped only candids  - the evening rehearsal and the big event couldn't have been better!
Short on words here, except to say it took our breath away, in more ways than one.
My daughter, Jaci, with her posse of groomsmen - two of whom have been her buddies just about forever.
I did notice my son's favorite chocolate cake, hidden inside this gorgeousness.
Their engagement picture received signatures from guests.
Beautiful University Club in downtown Denver, built in the late 1800's.
Rehearsal shenanigans...
Abbi enjoying the dance...
The wedding venue was a block away from Denver's beautiful, gold-leafed capital building.
My son told my parents, the evening of the rehearsal, that he was hoping to emulate their own marriage - I think he's off to a great start.
60 years strong!
Jaci and best man, Chris - one of the greatest friends ever, to both of my kids.
Jaci and her cousin, my sweet niece, Jessi.
And, for those who never COULD figure out the color of that damned Internet dress, proof positive that it was black and white...just like the chairs!!!

Congratulations Louie and Abbi - here's to your own 60 years!