Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Barkcloth Travel Jewelry Bags...

...heading to Etsy...FINALLY!  I've had these done and sitting here since the jewelry went on, but could not get good enough pictures of them, as they had to be "square".  Try taking square pictures of fitting a square peg in a round hole.  Plus, the rich colors of the beautiful vintage barkcloth fabrics were "washing out".  I "tinker" with taking pictures - I am not a professional photographer, but I'm relatively certain you've got that figured out.  Jackie loaned me her portable light cube, which didn't do the trick for me either (mainly because it was roughly the size of the bags themselves), though I think I might just need one, now.  Anyway, pictures are in the "folder" on my desktop, waiting for descriptions to be written and loaded to the etsy store.  Tomorrow - I've had enough for one day.  (The beautiful little antique key and crystal necklace was made by my friend Chris of

And while I was at it, I snapped a picture of two little gold plated leaves (gold plated that they made to look "bronzey" - must be magic - or they're not really 24kt. gold plated like they told me - sucker!) that were my big purchase at the ASD show with Jackie, yesterday.  They also told me that the "small" ones started at $6.00 ea., and went up from there...however, they probably meant to say "miniscule", as these were nickel sized, which is "small" in my book, and REALLY small compared to the others they had.  These cost me $7.00 a piece - sucker!  I am hoping they are Aspen leaves, but they may, very well, be birch.  I don't want to know - I'm just going to pretend anyway, sucker that I am!


Jackie said...

Wow T, those are beautiful! Sorry my light box did not work out for you! I know you will sell many in your etsy store!

Candylei said...

I love bark cloth. In Hawaii they have this store called Fabric Mart and it is wholesale/retail and it has rolls and rolls of bark cloth. I never have enough money when we go there.
These are so cute!