Monday, March 1, 2010

March On...

Happy March 1st - hope the old adage of "In like a lion; Out like a lamb" holds off for a few days, at least...we did get rain in Vegas over the weekend.  I spent the last day of the Olympics seated at my kitchen table, directly in line with the "big" tv, watching the hockey match between Team USA and heart broke for goalie Ryan Miller, on that final shot by Canada!  Well played, boys - hell of a match!

I also had the chance, during the game, to finish up two of three rivolis that I had been working (the two are actually joined as one - I swear the next picture I take of rivolis, they will be placed atop raviolis, since that is what more than a few of us call them).  And check out some of the brass stamping/beads I found that will be paired with the beadwork, as accent pieces.  The beautiful lady is an antique tin "something or other" (another technical term), acquired from my friend Karen Vornsand (or the "Button Lady" as she's affectionately known around town...she also deals in antiques) want some killer antique and vintage buttons, she's your "go-to" person here in want to find her, let me know and I'll tell you how.


oldgreymare said...


So glad to see you here in blogdom! I did not know you were now a beader! Seems like beaders have become the quilters of the 80's. ha!

My beader friends do an exchange too. As for me, no - no - no beading. I refuse to take on one more thing. (But I do love the stuff.)

Good luck in your new etsy shop too.
You go girl!


Jackie said...

Oh I love the red colors! Nice work!

Colleen said...

This is absolutely gorgeous - can't wait to see it in person!!!

You do such beautiful work!

Love everything you make!

theantiquepallet said...

Beautiful AS ALWAYS!

The Primitive Bucket said... just amaze me!!!
Love ya.