Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Touching Evening Out...

The "tribute band" series of concerts that we have been going to, at the LV Hilton, is winding down.  St. Patrick's Day/Night found Jackie and me at the "Aeromyth" concert - we also took our "Irish" friend, Erin.  Erin touches people...seriously...she touches them!  And not just on the sleeve...the head and hair are quite coveted trophies in Erin's world.  She was in heaven with the crowd there, both during and after the concert, providing us with quite a few chuckles.  While she may not have gotten to the great looking guy with the bald head in the row in front of us (we cautioned her against it, as I don't think any of us could have "taken" his girlfriend), she did get a parting shot in on the lady in the hallway with the "nice hair" on our way out.

This band had the look and the songs down, though the sound mixing could have been better.  Most of the vocals were lost in the instrumentation - could it have been that the 6th row center stage was just too close?.  Next Wed. is the final act in the series (for awhile, anyway...or until we can talk the hotel into a Guns and Roses tribute band, perhaps) - an AC/DC band.  The ultimate tribute band movie, "Rock Star" with Mark Wahlberg, was on Thursday morning, and beckoned me to watch...yeah, these concerts have been fun, for sure - I still have the "Pink Floyd boys", Which One's Pink?, way out in the lead.

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