Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Birthdays...You Wear It Well!

Well, this started out as a picture taking "thing" this afternoon, but I couldn't get good enough ones of what I was after, due to the lighting (and THAT is why I should never quit my "day job", which is, well.............never mind).  My beautiful, late 1800's mannequin, Virginia, even saw the great out-of-doors, but the lighting was no better there.

Virginia was an acquisition from my friend Carole, "The Ribbon Lady". Like "The Button Lady", Carole is THE absolute "go to" person here in Vegas (and, on the internet) for FABULOUS antique and vintage ribbons, laces, etc., with some "new" thrown in for good measure - an UNBELIEVEABLE warehouse of goodies to peruse (as want to find her, get ahold of me and I'll hook you up).  I was looking at how the mannequin has weathered her 100+ years, while I was trying to shoot a birthday gift (you'll see more of her tomorrow, undoubtedly...morning light is SO much more forgiving), and thought of just how many people I know that celebrate birthdays this month...all with better skin than Virginia, thankfully!

Voltron!; my brother, Arvid, and his wife, Teri (they were born on the same day, one year apart - AND SHE HITS 50 THIS YEAR!); both of their sons - Arvid Mark and Eric; Jackie D.; Myler; my MIL, Phyl; Pat S., and I'm sure there is someone I missed - so "Happy Birthday to you, too".  We also celebrate our anniversary this month.  Hope everyone looks as good as my Virginia in 100 years - the skin on her neck is a telltale sign of her age, and she looks like she took a few bullets from her days as a gun moll, but she's still smokin' hot and has kept that girlish figure!

And while I am at it, I'll share another valued possession that she wears.  The apron is handmade, from the 1920's, and was a gift from a very dear lady.  It's in pristine condition, and has two hand embroidered, appliqued flappers for pockets - the tops of their hats open down into pockets.  Love you...Happy Birthday, and many, many more!

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Jackie said...

Oh she is too cool, I wish I had room for a dress form, they are cool to hang stuff on.
Wow, how old is voltron! going to be? He is so cute! Dang, you got lots of birthdays this month! My big birthday month is september, all the good ones are born in september!