Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Charming Tea Party Among Friends...

I belong to a group of dear friends who get together during the year and exchange handmade charms (as in "bracelet").  Every three months or so, a theme is thrown out and we all run in our own creative direction with it.  We have done "Vegas", "Wizard of Oz", "Romantic", "Creepy" (as in Halloween), and "Anything Goes", at the onset of this group.  This time Betty invited us to do "Flowers", and hosted a "charming" tea party at her house today.  Grand hats were sported and a wonderful time seemed to be had by all - I may just have to wear my hot pink number on Kentucky Derby Day...sitting right here in my house, in front of the TV.  Such a special "Who" hat with "whoopdedoos" (technical term) and sproinging black feathers should NOT be hidden away in a hatbox!  The Queen would be jealous!

I did my "home" state flower for my charms...the blue and white Columbine from CO...using frosted German lucite flower components; Sarovski crystal centers;  vintage Vaseline Glass leaves (they fluoresce under UV light); and brass filigree bead caps.  I got some pretty bloomin' great charms in exchange, but those will be pictures for another day.  Heading to see Santana at the Hard Rock with my husband tonight...gotta' go wash the hat hair out!

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Jackie said...

Had a grand time!! Thanks for letting me use the group photo too..well I hope you don't mind!
Kick my butt later and sue me , cause I put it on my blog, neener, neener!! hee-hee
Love your charms..going to go find my black light so I can check out your charms under the blacklight!! whoo-hoo!! I should get the bong and black light posters out while I am at it..HAHAHAHAHA!