Friday, February 5, 2010

Be Still My Beating Heart...

You probably thought it was going to be another picture of Bobby, from the title...

Marie (Ann Tonette...she lives in my sewing room) is "head over heels"...and, I'm not typically a "heart" girl, but I do love these little Swarovski crystal hearts, too.  With a couple of chains or ribbons, these will make wonderful little gifts for some special people this upcoming Valentine's Day...I may even have to keep one for myself, much as I hate to admit it.  Under the always helpful tutelage of "The Boss", Ms. Bead Metaler, I struggled through the first one, but kept my head about me enough to finish two this evening.  73 crystals in each one, and lots of lip biting involved, but the end results are fabulous!

Rain in Vegas most of the day today, and this evening...cold and dreary enough to make us stay inside, huddled under those blankets, but NOTHING compared to our friends on the east coast!  Stay safe if you go out in it - we HEART you!  Happy Super Bowl weekend...hope you don't overindulge, too badly..."Let them eat cake!"


Colleen said...

Hey Girlfriend!

Your Hearts turned out great-you are one 1 patient person! I love the lady presenting them. Great Job!!!!

Jackie said...

Wow those look fabulous! Great for v-day! Get those babies on etsy!

Norine/Henderson, NV USA said...

Bead still my beading heart!
Beautiful beadwork Girl!
Sorry to have missed you this week. Spent yesterday with my yearly visiting Superbowl friends seeing the strip sites (got lost, going in circles in the Crystal Shops at the City Ctr and then couldn't remember where we parked the car between the Venetian and the Palazzo, old sucks!)
I am heading back to Glendale tomorrow. I'm returning next weekend, so hopefully we can get a cup of tea together then.

Amanda said...

These are beautiful and I love Ann Tonette!