Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tiny Treasures Travelogue

It's still raining here in Vegas, though I'm VERY thankful it's not the snow my folks are getting in Denver, nor "Snowmaggedon" on the East Coast - we can handle cold and rainy, any day, compared to that.  I grew up in the snow...I miss my mountains terribly during the summer months, but not the winters - sorry, Mom and Dad.

Been playing with crystals this week, and turned out a few more Swarovski hearts...two of them in tiny size.  The larger ones were done with 4mm crystals...these two small ones (and yes, it is sitting on a nickel, so you can get an idea) were done with 3mm's...73 in each heart, to be exact - and yes, I might be out of my tiny mind.

The tiny girls are antique Frozen Charlottes from Colleen (The Boss)...they live together in the tiny matchbox.  The all white one is only an inch and a quarter tall - the black haired darling has her legs encased in a thimble full of beeswax for conditioning thread for beading and hand sewing.  And while I was playing with all these tiny things today, it brought to mind a childhood memory...Tiny Town!

Tiny Town is just that...a tiny town, just west of Denver, nestled in the foothills past Morrison (Turkey Creek Canyon).  The entire little town (not just one or two houses, but an entire town) was constructed in 1/6th scale size by a loving dad, for his little girl, in 1915.  It was opened to the public in 1920. My parents took us there when we were little (in the 60's, OK - just want to make that clear!  I was born in '58, not 1920)...I moved away before I got a chance to take my own children.  I used to drive home from work through that canyon occasionally, to see the aspens turning, and last time I was by, the little town was in pretty sad shape.  I was happy to find out that it was renovated in 1988 - they even have a tiny railroad and train now.  http://www.tinytownrailroad.com/  Nope, I do not know who the giant baby in the picture is...I think he is looking for a tiny, little snack.

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Jackie said...

Wow, those are tiny! I love the blue ones! You have a ton of patience to work with crystals that small! Great job! Hope you put some in your etsy store!