Friday, February 26, 2010

Is There Anybody Out There?...

The "Summer of Tanya, 2010 Edition" is O-fficially in full swing! Wednesday night, Jackie D. and her sister, Christy (in from CA for a huge art "affair" here in town), invited me to join them for dinner and a show. What a GREAT evening out! The LV Hilton is bringing in two months worth of tribute bands, every Wed. night. We were treated to an incredible evening of the music of the 60's/70's "psychedelic/progressive" rock band Pink Floyd, as performed by the L.A. based cover band, WHICH ONE'S PINK? (in reference to a question the originals were asked many times, during their career). If you ever run across a chance to see these boys in action, GO!

I think we were all more than overwhelmed at just how much this band sounded like the original, and might just be comparing all tribute bands to come, to what we heard last night! One of us was a little hot and bothered in her seat, during the course of the evening. Yes, Jackie is probably checking into a new career as a Pink Floyd cover band "roadie" - I would make sure to check out her One Creative Cat blog to see if she found a naked picture!

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Oh there are many of us out here -- and we're all reading your blog! We linked it to our Facebook page