Sunday, August 15, 2010


A quick shout out for Amy Stevens Originals at I purchased this beautiful, little (the watch case itself is only 1-1/8") antique ladies pocket watch from her, for my daughter's birthday  - Happy Birthday, Jaci - I know you heard it enough this past week, but here it is again!  I can't believe it's been 22 wonderful years already!   LOVE YOU!
Drop by Amy's online shop for some really incredible, tiny finds (beautiful watch pieces/parts, etc), perfect for use in your steampunk creations, etc...I purchased this thinking I would "gut it" and use the parts, while giving the shell to my daughter, but I think it will stay's going to look lovely on a chain, around her neck.  Amy also has her own, handmade treasures for sale - check her out!  amystevensoriginals


oldgreymare said...

What a nice shout out for her, you sweet friend you.

Heard the class went well. Are you taking her next one also?


Jackie said...

Happy birthday Jaci!! Wow that watch is fabulous!! Lucky girl!! Going to go check out amy's stuff!