Friday, August 13, 2010


Once again, a heartfelt thanks to The Boss for feeding my addiction.  This is the sister to the "Peaches and Cream" cameo posted last week.  This one will stay right here...complete with a vintage brass cherub; a large vintage rhinestone; and two of my small, treasured, butterscotch bakelite buttons (one of which was also a birthday gift from Colleen, last year).  The beautiful vintage, rhinestone clip earrings (they say made in W. Germany on the back, but I don't know much more about them other than they are spectacular!) were a recent gift from Joleen, in CO...thank you, girl - am working on the necklace and waiting on some silver, but you'll have it soon, I promise!
And, in another creative frenzy, I decided that the cameo needed matching earrings - ala Heather French - unfinished as of today, but beautiful enough to string on a ribbon and share, just the same.  A relaxful weekend to all, full of everything that you enjoy!  I just snagged tickets to Ted Nugent for tomorrow night - ROCK ON!!!

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The Primitive Bucket said...

Hey girl those clips look FAB with the Cameo. Just very little history on them. They were my Grandma Northrups. She had boxes and boxes of jewelry "sets" in the dresser when he passed!! I have a few pieces as does everyone else in the family. She wore matching a matching 'set' with all her outfits, but didn't they all in the 50's??? You rock girl, I'm glad you find a new set for them!!! Love you!!