Sunday, August 15, 2010


Friday the 13th found me dragging out old wool roving that I had squirrelled away from the last time I did felting, to do a project with Wendy. It's been awhile but, as long as moths don't get to it, the wool seems to keep just was years, I'm telling you...years! She gifted me with some creepy skeleton beads which served to set the tone for the entire, colorful morning. The wool bowl that I had planned in colors to match my living room, soon turned to the macabre and will now be used as a candy dish for Halloween.
For the time being, it looks fabulous setting next to one of my favorite "year round" (it's just too good to only bring out in October) treasures...a shadow box, made by Jackie D., for my birthday last year.  Filled with, among other things, a vintage watch case; antique buttons; "Runs With Scissors"; and a 3-D witch in training - LOVE it!  My friends know I have an affinity for Halloween - I am so lucky!

Last evening found Jackie, Erin and me at Stateline, taking in a very colorful Ted Nugent concert - definitely not for the "faint of heart" - a good, old fashioned, ear splittin', genuine rock ears were still ringing this morning!  We had the BEST time, and it took me back some 30 (eh hem) years, to the first time I saw him, back home in Denver!  The Motor City Madman STILL Jackie said, on the way out..."ya' gotta' love a man with a guitar"!  Lots of military personnel in the PACKED audience...a HUGE, heartfelt thanks to our men and women in uniform, for doing what they do so that you and I can continue to enjoy our freedoms, here in America!  WE LOVE YOU!
"The Nuge" of my youth...
Uncle Ted, 2010 - 62 years strong!  ROCK ON!

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Jackie said...

oh man, lots of posts to catch up on! Oh ted was rockin in the free world..oh thats neil young sorry...Loved the concert and had a great time thank you!!!
Oh I forgot how cute that little witch is! Nice bowl, you are so talented!!