Wednesday, August 4, 2010


"The Dream Police, they live inside of my head"...Cheap Trick
I was lucky enough to take in Cheap Trick's Sgt. Pepper Live show again, last night - this time at the Paris Hotel, here on the Las Vegas Strip - the first go round, over at the Hilton, was absolutely enchanting - an evening of the great 70's/80's band, performing the entire Beatle's "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album ("they" said it could never be done live - yeah...what did "they" know?!), with a few special guests (Joan Osbourne, etc.).  I waited for just one of Cheap Trick's own songs that night, and was disappointed that none materialized, though witnessed a fabulous concert, nonetheless- Robin Zander's voice was made for these songs!
My friend, Wendy, is in from NY and suggested another show last night, before we settled in on this...and I am SO glad we did.  As we arrived at the theater, there were programs in front of our seats (with a set list of songs), which I didn't glance at, as I figured it was going to pretty much be a repeat of the same show I had already seen and loved.  I think Wendy thought I had completely lost my mind when, 3/4 of the way through, they launched into "Dream Police", followed by a few new songs of theirs, and then "I Want You to Want Me", and "Surrender" - before finishing off the Beatles repertoire.  I am so glad I didn't want to rummage through my purse, to find my glasses, to read that program.  YES, I AM A HAPPY CAMPER THIS MORNING!  If you live here or are just travelling through, your money would be well spent at this show!  It's quite the sing-along event (did I mention we had 5th row, center stage tickets last evening?!)!
Another Maxfield Parrish sunset last evening...this one with blues, also.  Tonight, I am heading for the hills, in hopes of getting a "full Vegas" shot of the valley, before the show is all over.

"We're all alright.  We're all alright.  We're all alright. We're all alright!"


oldgreymare said...

You crazy Rocker Chick!

You should start doing reviews in the RJ



Jackie said...

Robin zander, he sings me to sleep, I love his voice!! I never got into cheap trick during the 80's I was bon jovi and guns and roses all the way! But now I know when he does golden slumbers...sleep pretty darling, and I will sing a lullabye....(big sigh)!!