Thursday, August 26, 2010


After painting the town red, Friday evening, I found myself painting the roses red, Saturday morning, with my "charm"ing little group of creative friends - the theme for this go-round was Alice in Wonderland....hosted at a local antique shop's tea house, it was "mad", indeed!  Click on the pictures to view them in detail (it was a cloudy, rainy day here in the desert today - hence, no sunshine for pictures).
"Velvet" flocked/wire wrapped heart atop a beautiful handmade card ("Off With her Head" - from an original Tenniel illustration) from Jackie; a beaded Queen of Hearts charm and a handmade/soldered, tiny little box made from playing cards from our newcomer, Mariann; a resined Queen of Hearts from the old Disney movie from Pat; a handmade silver art clay tea cup from Colleen; a tiny little paper clay Mad Hatter's hat, complete with the infamous 10/6 tag, from Mandy; and a beautiful little copper Hatter's hat, with tiny little watch parts, from Jerry.
Alice's tiny cake and bottle from Betty; "A" is for Alice from Ronna.
A glazed ceramic playing card/Red Queen guard from our other newbie, Sophia; a quartz, carved rose in the process of being "painted red" (probably by that same guard), and crystal rose with leaf from June; and a red rose with crystal dew drop from Betty.  Final photo is of two of my extra charms (front and back), sitting atop a photo of the "Alice" the stories were originally written for...Alice Pleasance Liddell.  Thank you to all my charming friends - tea was delightful, and these will make a fabulous charm bracelet!

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