Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Taken from the title of the latest Meat Loaf album, "Hang Loose, Teddy Bear", I had just that kind of week, last week...a "hang loose" week with aging rockers that can STILL bring it, and a blue-eyed crooner on a Saturday evening, by the beautiful outside pool of The M Resort.  With our ears still recovering from The Nuge the Saturday before, Jackie D. and I scored tickets to see Meat Loaf, this past Friday night, at The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino.  What a GREAT show he put on (we had 10th row seats!) - unlike the Motor City Madman, I had never seen him in concert and am so glad I did, this time around.  Another 62 year old rocker that put on one ("Bat Out of") hell of a show!  Daughter, Pearl, was the opening act for her dad - the girl can sing...certainly a chip off the old block - and joined him onstage for the rockin' finale, after 2 hours of his greatest, and newest, hits!
Saturday morning found both of us, bleary eyed (go to Jackie's blog and ask her about our road trip through UNLV after Meat Loaf), and at the Charm Exchange, where we gave and received the latest round of creative little pieces...which I will post tomorrow...or sometime soon.  A much needed nap was missed in lieu of some errands, and then it was on to The M for an evening with Jackie D., Erin, and CHRIS ISAAK...yes, it sounds a little kinky - a definite "Eye Candy Girls Night Out" (husbands would NEVER "do" at a Chris Isaak concert).  The handsome, blue-eyed (yes, we were close enough to see them with our own special eyes), "rockabilly" crooner, made for a marvelous end to a week of incredible music  - I am fairly certain there was no one else in the audience except for me that night...even those two that went with me...he was singing to me, girls, ME!


oldgreymare said...

What? What did you say? Can you repeat that please?

A glimpse at your future when you are using hearing aids! hahaaha.
How do you do it?

You gals sure have fun..



Ahl Cooped Up said...

You had one heck of a fun weekend. The old men can still rock!

Jackie said...

Oh that is a good photo of meatloaf!! and Chris was singing to me at the M, ted nugent was singing to you!! hahahaha
Hey, thanks for concert hopping with me, what a great time we had this month!!
My ears will never be the same!

clustres said...

That looks like a lot of fun!